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Vagrant Box - LIBVIRT QEMU


_ Let’s say I want to try openbsd , you don’t really to spend hours or day finding spare hardware and try it. Go to AWS, they may not be offering this os. Maybe you want build from scratch your live os and upload to AWS ami.

To intall the libvirt plugin vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt and initialze BSD box to run vagrant init -m  generic/openbsd6.

vagrant up –provider=libvirt

Finding other boxes - VAGRANT BOXES SEARCH LINK it automatically download from the repo.



Simple Local HTTP Server With Ruby, python, nodejs


Yes, a simple HTTP server can do with Python, nodejs. And you can do it with Ruby too. Most program language offer a local HTTP server. Let’s say Sometimes you want to share document in your local network, or developing a static web page. This is simple way to run a local web service without installing software, such as with node, python or ruby.


How I Pass Kubernetes CKA in 10 days

New Challenge


I took one challenge in end of 2019 to study the kubernetes adminstrator exam over the Christmas in 10 days. The exam is practical one. 30 questions in 3 hours


Rbenv - RUBY openbsd


Let’s say I want to install ruby 2.6.5 and Rails 5.2.4 on Openbsd

  • Install Ruby and git on OpenBSD 6.6 GENERIC.MP#372 amd64
pkg_add ruby git bash

# I chose ruby 2.6.6p146


Minikube setup

Getting started

Docker’s team creates an online platform for anyone to test out Kubernetes, and to create a cluster with 5 nodes all from browser. Awesome stuff, the quickest way to try k8s without using any your computing resources. To see how things work together beautifully. labs-play-with-k8s



20 rules in life

  1. Be grateful. - 學會感恩。
  2. Choose your friends wisely.- 明智的選擇朋友。
  3. Cultivate compassion.- 培養同情心。
  4. Keep learning.- 不斷學習。
  5. Become a problem solver.- 學會解決問題。
  6. Do what you love.- 做你愛做的事情。
  7. Live in the present.- 活在當下。
  8. Laugh often.- 經常微笑。
  9. Practice forgiveness.- 學會原諒。
  10. Say thanks often. - 常說謝謝。
  11. Create deeper connections.- 學會深交。
  12. Keep your agreement.- 信守承諾。
  13. Meditate.- 反思、冥想。
  14. Focus on what you’re doing.- 關注你在做的事情。
  15. Be optimistic. - 樂觀。
  16. Love unconditionally.- 無條件付出愛。
  17. Don’t give up.- 永不放棄。
  18. Do your best and then let go.- 盡力而為,然後隨緣。
  19. Take care of yourself. - 照顧好自己。
  20. Give back. - 感恩圖報。