CWM WM - openBSD


cwm - a lightweight and efficient window manager for X11

openBSD CWMRC guide- cwm maintains the simplest and most pleasant aesthetic. cwm is a window manager for X11 which contains many features that concenā€trate on the efficiency and transparency of window management, while maintaining the simplest and most pleasant aesthetic.

# Set default Xft(3) font
fontname "sans-serif:pixelsize=12:bold"
xsetroot -solid steelblue

# Turn on sticky-group mode
sticky yes

# Any entry here is shown in the application menu
command firefox             firefox-developer-edition
command nautilus nautilus

# Autogroup definitions
autogroup 1 "firefox"
autogroup 2 "emacs"

ignore xclock

# Key bindings
bind-key CM-r               window-menu-label
bind-key CS-Return  "xterm -e top"
bind-key MS-m       "sudo shutdown -h now"
bind-key M-x  'maim -s -q --hidecursor /tmp/a.png'
# bind-key M-x  'maim -s --hidecursor /tmp | convert - \( +clone -background black -shadow 80x3+5+5 \) +swap -background none -layers merge +repage /tmp/$(date +%s).png'

bind-key 4-Return termite
bind-key M-1                group-only-1
bind-key M-2                group-only-2
bind-key M-3                group-only-3
bind-key MS-1               window-movetogroup-1
bind-key MS-2               window-movetogroup-2
bind-key MS-3               window-movetogroup-3

# Mouse bindings
bind-mouse M-2              window-lower
bind-mouse M-3              window-resize