How I Pass Kubernetes CKA in 10 days

New Challenge

I took one challenge in end of 2019 to study the kubernetes adminstrator exam over the Christmas in 10 days. The exam is practical one. 30 questions in 3 hours

Lucky - This is practical exam

Luckily, I got enough score to pass on my first attempt. I remember answering the last question about cluster config, that got a syntax error ‘ or ” and wasted 30 minutes on it, just rectify in last seconds and got a smile . The fact, [Linux Foundation]( would get another free attempt if you fail, that really make a different to motivate you practice more. Practically exam, I just love it. Unlike paper question, that you memorize the kind of questions like in Interview What is a Zombie process? , Tell me How linux boot ?, Tell me Merging algorithm? , Tell me Tuple vs List, which is immutable, Or Layer 2 packet, tell me how Mac address copy on the switch? , Tell me How many bits or bytes in Mac address / Ipv4/ IPv6, GUID/ Sticky bit, Tell me AWS Terraform, Have you used it?, One question that would judge your career future etc Don’t we have Internet [Google]( ??


Getting experience

Time and money were the only issues with exam, without daily k8s administration focusing on many other vendor technologies. Company just don’t pay for exam, nor overtime these days. CCIE lab cost you $2500AUD for an attempt. Luck, K8s is open source if you run on Linux. Then, everything you can get practically experience on topics that you want to. I like to get thing done fast and running a platform that has no memory hog


There are tons of great notes out there for the exam! I read a few reviews, common one thing all refering back to one book [Kubernetes in Actions!!!!]( by Marko Luksa. I read it like 3 times, practice as much as I could before the test.

[LFS258]( - The course is also excellent. Everything you found there, releavant to the exam, most important it works. With open source, Linux, things develop rapidly, you know you are runnning into issue to upgrade or run a tool that has an error or warning like api/v1beta or api/v1 etc


The goal is to build a practical real world application with Kubernetes, doesn’t matter it’s with Helm / your own docker push to the hub. With Jenkins to rebuilding the Dockfiler, for your kubenetese to pull the image and build. I literally study about 8-10 hours a day to fast track, rent a hot desk.

Taking notes

Taking note is essential and a skill hard to master. Vimwiki( it’s barefoot vim way to edit and search info that I require in terminal and it’s very quick.

Running on Archlinux, Vagrant - libvirt kvm - and Ansible, I can rebuild, tear down the host, use Flannel / Weave / Calico to build with Kubeadm to init the cluster *again and again and again*, differnet scenario. After reboot, expect issue all kinds of domains, from like DNS, /var/kubelet/kubelet-admin.flags , ip a / hosts file , systemctl, node not found, version issue after upgrade, if you build a HAproxy with multiple cluster host nodes and etcd on it. Those issues are perfect case to gain hand on troubleshoot experience

Alternatively, most Cloud platform takes care of you if you have free trial account with one single commands and you are not going into nutanix/openstack/barebone private hybrid cloud setup, Kubernetes Cloud Services: Comparing [Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) | Google Cloud]( ,[Amazon EKS - Managed Kubernetes Service]( and [Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) | Microsoft Azure]( ….

Daemonset / replicaset/ replicacontroller / pods / nodes / etcd / ingress / monitoring / metric server / helm / prometheus/ grafana/ node exportor / ELK / CheckMK / API kubelet/ alertmanager etc

Jumping k8s docker <- vagrant host <- PC Dnat <- laptop with traefik router ingress/nginx ingress with proxychains!

… to be continued